Focus on your product. We'll handle the cloud.

We'll notify you once a slot opens up for Alpha testing.

Industry 4.0 with priceless Peace of Mind

Quickly and securely control, monitor and manage any robot, automation or IOT device over the web, without reinventing the wheel.

Faster Development and Deployment.

Quickly and securely connect, with all your data stored and served over configurable dashboards for insights.

Industrial grade security with powerful tools.

24 hour end-to-end encryption for your data with authentication and access control.

Intuitive remote control and management.

From Console and Safe SSH control to configurable GUIs for you and your users.

Diagnostics, Prognostics and Auditing.

Easy transparent auditing for you and your users, through configurable automated reports for predictive maintenance.

API access and whitelabelling

API access to extend feature capabilities. Customise and white-label GUIs, dashboards and reports to serve 3rd party users, all managed through SentinelEngine.

All enhanced by proprietary A.I. and Machine learning technology

With simple, transparent monthly pricing.

We don't have a rigid pricing structure. You'll only pay for what you use each month, but below are examples of typical use cases and cost per device, taking data volumes into account.

Typical for developersTypical for small dev teamsTypical for companies in PilotsTypical for companies with many devices and robots in market
Secure data storage and transfer
Data logging and replay
Console, safe SSH control and configurable GUIs
Predictive maintenance enabled by Machine Learning
White-labelled and customised features for each users
Industrial grade security and encryption for multiple users

Who we are.

We've lived the challenges of developers and companies building cutting edge products.

Silas Adekunle


Chris Beck


With more than 25 years of combined experience in robotics, we've founded and scaled companies with multi-disciplinary teams and taken complex products from idea, to store shelves and into the hands of customers. We intimately know the challenges of this journey and we want to make it easier for every developer and company to focus on building great products and better serve their users.